Must Move: Decorating Mania!

I think I have spring fever! I just want it to be warm outside and classes to be done! The spring fever, and the fact that we have lived in this apartment for close to a year now (as a person who moved roughly every 2 years for the first 18 years of my life I hate staying in one place too long! Even if we are just moving a few blocks away, I need that!), I’m antsy for our move in June! We are only moving about 10 minutes away from where we currently are but I’m so excited! We currently live in an efficiency apartment. For any of you that don’t know, “efficiency” means: VERY SMALL! I know our apartment isn’t as small as some efficiency apartments but still, it really was meant to just have one person living here. Currently we have a bedroom/living room (its more bedroom than living room because we can’t fit a couch or anything in with the bed), we also have a very small kitchen. The stove/oven and refrigerator are both “apartment sized,” as someone who loves to cook I’m not a fan of the small appliances. I also don’t like that there is really no counter space. Gosh, I’m really complaining a lot! Ok, I’ll say something nice, we do have our own bathroom that we don’t have to share or anything! However, the bathroom is super tiny! It has a shower but the shower is really small (and since it’s just a shower I’ve gone a year without bubble baths 😦 .

Anyway, back to the need to move! I have been addicted to the home decor page on Pintrest lately! I have so many ideas of things I want to do with the new apartment that I don’t know if my brain can take one more idea! It’s not just the home decor page either, it’s the DIY home decor! I’ve never been a creative person, in fact, most of the time I’m the opposite of creative! But because money doesn’t grow on trees (I so wish it did!) I’ve been looking for inexpensive ways to make our apartment feel more like a home. I think the thing I hate the most about an apartment (maybe this isn’t true for all apartments, but so far it is for me) is that we can’t paint! I love color, but with me not being creative the first thing I think to change is the wall color. Our current apartment has paneling EVERYWHERE! So it would’ve been nice to paint over that. If I remember correctly our new apartment is all a neutral tan color (we looked at the apartment a couple of months ago).

Back to painting, to me painting the walls is safe. Since there will be no painting of the walls I have been forced to go outside my comfort zone. I have a bookshelf and a desk that are both black that I’m thinking of painting. I’ve never painted furniture though and I’m kinda scared of it! My parents recently got a new dining room table so they are going to give us their old one. Alex and I will need to get new chairs for it though because the ones that come with it have been beaten down by 5 kids and are falling apart (literally). I think I want to stain the table a dark wash then find some nice cheap chairs at the thrift store to paint. I think I want the table to be dark then paint the chairs a light color. What do you  think? Will that look ok? I hope it will!

So if anyone has any advice on cheap decorating or painting furniture leave a comment! I definitely need the help! 🙂

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