I Pack the Kitchen Sink!

I finally finished my homework! Spring break technically starts on Monday but it starts early for Alex and I! We are leaving in two days for Las Vegas! 😉 We have friends there. I’m so excited! Since we are flying I’m stressing about…PACKING! I don’t really worry about the plane crashing or anything, until I’m sitting on it waiting to take off. What I worry about before flying, is packing for the trip.


Maybe it’s a girl thing, maybe it’s just a crazy me thing, but I am obsessive about packing! When I go on a trip I don’t like to be restricted by how many bags I can bring or what size the bags have to be. When we go visit our families I just pull my shirts out of the closet and just hang them in the car. I travel heavy. Every so often when we go on a trip I tell myself that I really didn’t use half of what I brought last time so this time I’m going to bring the bare minimum. But when I only bring what is absolutely necessary, I always end up NEEDING things I didn’t bring.

So this time I’m trying to be organized! I’m making lists of everything I need to bring and everything I need to do before we leave.

Well I need to go finish my lists then get started on completing them! Wish me luck!

I just thought of something, if I stress out this much about getting everything done and packed for trip with just the two of us, what am I going to do when it is the two of us plus kids???

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